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Iron Gate Mayor Gary Craig makes a point at the meeting held Thursday, March 28, 2024.

Town Of Iron Gate Seeking Congressional Grant; New Lawnmower Grant Noted

Iron Gate, VA (March 28, 2024) - The town of Iron Gate's regular monthly meeting was a bit uneventful this evening, other than the news that an attempt to get funding for a new riding lawnmower apparently has been successful.'

On the agenda was Alleghany Co./Covington Sheriff Kyle Moore, but Sheriff Moore was not present. An attempt to call him from the mayor was unsuccessful.

The town's public works crew will soon get another Cub Cadet, 54" cut mower to help keep the area properly groomed.

Mayor Gary Craig also mentioned that Congressional grants may soon become available, sometimes in the million dollar range, which might be used for stormwater and sidewalk upgrades. Discussions with the town's engineering firm continue.

The Mayor asked the public to be aware that the weather was warming and that more kids would be playing on the streets with more caution and speed reduction needed from vehicles.

Mayor Craig told the council that he had personally inspected the equipment at the playground and that the top of two pieces needed to be replaced. He said that he believed the items were under warranty and that the provider of the equipment was supposed to send a representative to check out the situation. Craig also asked council members and others to participate in a bit of painting at the playground, but that otherwise, the facility seemed ok.

Town clerk Jody Watts also said that she had found a laptop computer deal in the $429 range and with the right setup, the town could make monthly payments with no interest from an Amazon.com source.

The town is also expecting an application from an area female to become a driver of its trash truck.

Town Attorney, Jared Jenkins, said that he had no information to report on its appeal in the Jennifer Simpson case, nor did he know when more information on the appeal might be forthcoming from the court.

The importance of Easter was noted by the mayor. The meeting lasted only about 45 minutes.

The Journal will have some video of the session coming up later...


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