How To Get Started Marketing With The & Its Facebook Page
Now you may reach tens of thousands more customers and at a far lower cost with video and web ads via the, its associated Facebook page and YouTube.
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15,260+ Facebook Followers & More Than 5,700 Visits/Day On
Unheard of marketing reach for large & small businesses alike. Our video productions and web ads allow everybody to interact online with a huge audience, dwarfing our competition.*

A Wide Range Of Online Ad Services & Huge Marketing Reach! Watch Our Video!
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Power Up Your Marketing With JournalTV & Listen To These Facts!
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Alleghany Journal Web/Video Ad Options A recent video creation of ours
A recent web display ad
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Order web display ads or video ads here! Just select an option below! When you finish, feel free to contact our composing department via email at You may email graphics, sound or video files or additional instructions. Our advertising department's contact # is 540-865-0299, Monday-Friday, 10-4 p.m. EST.

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For special projects requiring scripting, corporate branding or custom video project creation, please email our editor at Our editor may be reached via cellphone, 24/7/365 at 540-460-3513.

Display Ads - all display ads run on for an entire week and are posted on the Journal's Facebook page. The display ad option is perfect for things like help wanted, special sales, legal ads, public hearings, special events, cards of thanks, wedding announcements, warnings, political announcements, auctions, musical or theatre productions, auditions, lost and found and more!

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JournalTV Sponsorships - 15 Second Video Ads that run on our various news productions and JournalTV news shows 3 days a week (Mon, Wed & Friday). Composition/ad creation included (up to one hour of production time). The "Platinum" option gives the advertiser guaranteed JournalTV news show placement. At the $100 level, 6 video insertions per month are guaranteed. At the $200 level, 12 per month are guaranteed. At the $300 level, 18 per month are guaranteed.

JournalTV Live Productions - $150 each. - the Journal will include all live show sponsors in pre-show publicity including JournalTV spots. Topics are selected by our editorial staff and are featured on both Facebook, YouTube and

In actuality, all advertisers have unlimited options with and JournalTV. Call us with your special needs or requirements. You will find that we take our slogan very seriously: "Let us show you how cooperative a great media company can be."

If your promotion runs for less than a 3 month period or your promotion involves 30 second or longer videos, please contact us for pricing of those options.
Jerry E. Clark, editor and owner, 540-865-0299 (cell 540-460-3513) -
Tammy S. Lipscomb, business manager, 540-865-0299 -

Call 540-865-0299 For More Details

* - The Journal allocates up to an hour of creative composition time for each customer as part of any given sponsorship. We are happy to include any specific musical selection for any video as long as the proper rights are secured or a specific non-copyrighted selection is made. Due to the fact that there are thousands of bits of music available, the Journal will select appropriate music based upon the customer's chosen genre for any given video. Composition/video production time in excess of the two hour time period will be billed at $50 per hour. We are more than glad to work with any ad agency a customer may choose, but at this time, do not pretend to be offering full advertising agency services for the current sponsorship prices. More detailed production assistance is available on a case by case basis.

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