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Gary Lee Miller

Gary Miller Medal of Honor Fund

Covington, VA (March 25, 20924) - Gary Miller graduated from Covington High School in June 0f 1965. He attended the Community College of Virginia Tech, Clifton Forge Campus. This was the first class of what is now Mountain Gateway Community College. He joined the Army in 1967 in Roanoke, VA. He was selected for attendance at the Army’s Officer Candidate School and received a Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. In 1969, he was assigned as a Platoon Leader of Company A, 1st BN, 28th Inf, Regt. 1st Infantry Division. On February 16, 1969, he led a reconnaissance patrol in Binh Duong Province of South Vietnam, after an engagement with enemy forces. The patrol was attacked and 1st Lieutenant Miller located an enemy hand grenade, smothered it with his body, and saved the lives of his fellow soldiers. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his selfless service, gallantry, and courageous act to save his fellow soldiers. His remains are buried in the Alleghany Memorial Park, in the first row of burial plots in the cemetery.

     Gary’s father, Abe, spent his retirement years in Roanoke, Va., and selected the Roanoke History Museum to be the caretakers of his son’s medal. It was displayed in a shadow box along with pictures of school year friends and other memorabilia. Time has had an effect on the display and conservation is required.

     The Alleghany Historical Society has joined the efforts of the Roanoke History Museum to preserve and conserve the medal and memorabilia of Gary Miller. The original cost for this rehabilitation was $3,200. Conservators work in a deliberate and meticulous fashion to ensure that everything is carefully replicated and preserved.

     The Roanoke History Museum received a $250 grant from the Virginia Museum of History and has budgeted an additional $250 for the restoration. The Alleghany Historical Society has received $400 to date to apply to the cause. We invite local citizens, businesses and organizations to join us in this effort. Please consider contributing to this cause. Checks should be made out to the Alleghany Historical Society with the notation of: “Gary Miller Fund.” In the event that gifts exceed the necessary funding for the conservation, the funding will be used for other preservation efforts of the Alleghany Historical Society. Each contributor’s name will be listed with the display.

     All checks should be sent to the following address:

Alleghany Historical Society

P.O. Box 384

Covington, VA 24426


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