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Members of the 2023-2024 Alleghany Highlands YMCA Dolphins swim team included, front row, from left, Fisher Lee, Aiden Fry, Finnley Rosales, Francesca Hansford, McKinley Yeagley. Second row, from left, Maun Tucker, Edison Thomas, Timber Carter, Ella Rosales, Winnie Harmon, Ava Fry, Jack Shull, Haley Jonas. Third row, from left, Faith Shull, Emily Peters, Logan Walton, Lincoln Rosales, Nolan Rosales, Charlotte Taylor, Ava Nicely Makayla Gilbert. Not pictured: James Connor, Cora Hodges, Daisy Hodges, James Hodges, Mason LaPrade, Kara Nicely, Katie Stull. (Photo Courtesy Alleghany Highlands YMCA)

Alleghany Highlands Dolphins Cap Season With Strong Competition

Low Moor, VA (March 25, 2024) - The Alleghany Highlands YMCA Dolphins swim team recently capped their season at the PYSA Championships held at the Salem Family YMCA.

Nineteen Dolphins competed in the nine-team PYSA (Piedmont YMCA Swim Association) meet held March 1-3. The Alleghany Highlands YMCA fielded one of the smallest teams in the event, but the Dolphins were able to swim to a sixth-place finish. The girls finished fourth, while the boys were sixth.

The 19 Dolphin swimmers who participated were entered in 105 individual events. They recorded 11 First Time Swims and 69 Personal Bests. All 19 swimmers had at least one Personal Best, and every swimmer scored points.

“This is such an important team meet — it’s what we work toward all season,” said Shari Peterson, who along with Kathy Wilson coaches the Dolphins. “Every swimmer did a magnificent job, and we’re so proud of them all.”

As a result of her strong performances throughout the season, Haley Jonas qualified in seven events for the URSY Regional Meet, held in Lynchburg March 15-17. She was able to swim in a maximum of nine events.

“Our coaches and families are very proud of the hard work all the swimmers put in and their awesome performance at Champs,” said Wilson. “We are awed by all the dedication and hard work displayed by these swimmers. They are such an inspiration.”

The Dolphins held their banquet to mark the end of the season on Sunday, March 24. During the festivities, Coach Shari and Coach Kathy were recognized for their nearly 30 years of working with the YMCA swim team.

“We are so lucky to have such dedicated coaches,” said Bobbie Wagner, Alleghany Highlands YMCA president and CEO. “They have positively impacted the lives of so many children, and we are so fortunate to have them.”


One: Cora Hodges: 1 PB; Daisy Hodges: 1 PB.

Two: Ella Rosales: 2 PB, 2 of 3 events.

Three: Timber Carter: 3 PB, 3 of 3 events; James Hodges: 2 PB/1 FTS, 3 of 3 events; Lincoln Rosales: 2 PB/1 FTS, 3 of 3 events; Katie Stull: 1 PB/2 FTS, 3 of 4 events; Charlotte Taylor: 2 PB/1 FTS, 3 of 4 events; Edison Thomas: 3 PB, 3 of 4 events.

Four: Aiden Fry: 4 PB, 4 of 5 events; Winnie Harmon: 3 PB/1 FTS, 4 of 4 events; Ava Nicely: 4 PB.

Five: Fisher Lee: 5 PB, 5 of 6 events; Emily Peters: 5 PB; Faith Shull: 3 PB/3 FTS, 6 of 8 events; McKinley Yeagley: 4 PB/1 FTS, 5 of 7 events.

Six: Francesca Hansford: 4 PB/2 FTS, 6 of 8 events.

Eight: Haley Jonas: 8 PB, 8 of 9 events.

Nine: Jack Shull: 9 PB, 9 of 9 events.


First Session: Girls: Emily Peters: 24.78 seconds; Boys: Jack Shull: 42.5 seconds.

Second Session: Girls: Katie Stull: 146.48 seconds.

Third Session: Girls: Winnie Harmon: 24.68 seconds; Boys: Jack Shull: 23.35 seconds.

Fourth Session: Girls: Francesca Hansford: 8.97 seconds; Boys: Edison Thomas, 11.56 seconds.

Fifth Session: Girls: Charlotte Taylor: 1.73 seconds.


Tenth: Francesca Hansford, Emily Peters, Charlotte Taylor.

Ninth: Francesca Hansford, Daisy Hodges, Ava Nicely, Emily Peters (2), Lincoln Rosales, Faith Shull, Charlotte Taylor.

Eighth: Francesca Hansford (3), James Hodges, Fisher Lee, Ava Nicely, Jack Shull.

Seventh: Ava Nicely, Emily Peters, Faith Shull, Katie Stull (2), Edison Thomas.

Sixth: Fisher Lee, Ava Nicely (2), Emily Peters, Lincoln Rosales.

Fifth Relays: Girls 13 & Over 200 Free: Emily Peters, Katie Stull, Charlotte Taylor, Cora Hodges; Mixed 12 & Under 200 Medley: Daisy Hodges, Lincoln Rosales, Ava Nicely, Jack Shull; Mixed 10 & Under 200 Free: Francesca Hansford, Aiden Fry, Fisher Lee, Haley Jonas.

Fifth: Haley Jonas, Fisher Lee, Emily Peters, Lincoln Rosales, Jack Shull (3), Edison Thomas (2).

Fourth: Aiden Fry, James Hodges, Haley Jonas, Ava Nicely, McKinley Yeagley.


Third Relays: Mixed 10 & Under 200 Medley: James Hodges, Francesca Hansford, Haley Jonas, Winnie Harmon.

Third: Aiden Fry (2), Francesca Hansford, Haley Jonas, Fisher Lee, Jack Shull (2), McKinley Yeagley (2).

Second: Aiden Fry, James Hodges, Haley Jonas (5), Fisher Lee, Jack Shull (2). McKinley Yeagley (3).

First: Aiden Fry, Haley Jonas, Jack Shull, McKinley Yeagley, Timber Carter (3).


6 & Under Girls: Second: McKinley Yeagley.

7-8 Girls: Sixth: Timber Carter.

7-8 Boys: Fourth: Aiden Fry; Eighth: Fisher Lee.

9-10 Girls: Second: Haley Jonas; Tied Seventh: Francesca Hansford.

9-10 Boys: Ninth: Edison Thomas.

11-12 Girls: Tenth: Ava Nicely.

11-12 Boys: Third: Jack Shull.


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