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Dome of the Rock and Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

Travelogue Series Coming to The Historic Masonic Theatre

Clifton Forge, VA (Sept. 19, 2022) - Want to travel but don’t want to live out of a suitcase, be stuck in long lines, or wind up in the middle seat of an airplane? The Historic Masonic Theatre has a solution for you. Join us for the first in a series of Travelogue films, “The Promised Land: Adventures in the Middle East” on Saturday, October 1 at 2:00 pm in the Theatre Auditorium. The film was shot and produced by travel artist, Rick Ray and he will be acting as guide in the auditorium narrating the film.

Ray asks, “When you hear the words “The Middle East”, what images are conjured in your mind? Do you imagine unparalleled hospitality, dynamic people, breathtaking dessert scenery and fascinating archeological sites dating back to the dawn of time? Or do you imagine instead terrorism, religious intolerance, and fanatic political figures? In reality, the Middle East is a region of paradoxes. It’s a land where people go out of their way to make a stranger feel at home, but it is also a land where throughout history many have witnessed acts of unspeakable brutality between enemy tribes and clans.”

This film represents a personal Journey in words and images through several Middle Eastern countries including Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. It will include wonders such as Petra, Jerusalem, the Cedars of Lebanon and Cappadocia.

Award-winning cinematographer, writer, editor and director Rick Ray has traveled the world to capture images of its peoples and cultures. He has produced numerous documentary films including the award-winning 10 Questions For The Dalai Lama, the highly regarded “The Soul of India”, “Raise the Bamboo Curtain” with Martin Sheen, and his subjects include regions as diverse as Syria, Namibia, Borneo, Lebanon, Iceland, Israel, and Bali and more. He shoots and provides stock footage for movies, television commercials in addition to non-commercial ventures. He has produced numerous documentaries and is a regular lecturer on the travel film circuit.

At the present he is working on a film, “Be Safe: Stories of Ukraine”. Currently in development, the film “Be Safe: Stories from Ukraine” features in-depth interviews with a range of Ukrainian citizens including neighbors, children, soldiers and priests. Told in their own words, they relay the shock of going from regular daily life to living amidst a brutal and relentless Russian campaign designed to terrorize and destroy their way of life.

“The Promised Land: Adventures in the Middle East” tickets may be ordered online at www.historicmasonictheatre.com or you may pick up a ticket prior to the film. The event is a Pay-What-You-Will event where you may pay whatever you feel is appropriate for admission. If ordering online, choose “The Promised Land: Adventures in the Middle East” event and click “donate” to secure your ticket.

For more information about The Historic Masonic Theatre’s fall season, please visit the Theatre website or Facebook page.

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