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Highlands Covid-19 Task Force Provides Update
Update on Efforts, Resources, Testing & Vaccinations

Covington, VA (Jan. 11, 2021) - Here in the Highlands as positive case counts for COVID-19 and unfortunately deaths have increased exponentially since the start of the Holiday Season. The Highlands COVID-19 Task Force wants to remind those that live, work, and play in the Highlands to continue to follow the guidelines established by the CDC and VDH relating to COVID mitigation. While this is and remains a trying time for all in the Highlands, impacting our way of life, school-age children, mental health, local economy, etc. We must also recognize that at this point in the pandemic we all have known personally or felt indirectly the impact of COVID and what it can mean for a person and their family. Below are some reminders and informational updates that the Task Force wishes to share with you all. That being said, there are things we can all do to help slow the spread and/or stop COVID. Please remember that we can only get through this together, as we are #HighlandsStrong and #WeAreAllInThisTogether.

Ways to minimize the spread of COVID:

• Wear a face covering when outside of your home, especially if you are around others outside of your household.

• Maintain social distance of 6 feet or more, as much as possible with those outside of your household.

• Limit time indoors with those outside of your household.

• Increase your handwashing (doing so for 20 seconds), or use hand sanitizer if water and soap are not

readily available.

• Disinfect communal/ high touch surfaces in your household as well as workspace.

• If you feel sick, or have COVID symptoms (even mild), stay home and avoid contact with others. Please

contact your physician or the VDH local office for guidance on next steps.

• If you are COVID positive, awaiting test results, or had a confirmed exposure, it is very important to follow the established guidelines on how to quarantine and/or self-isolate if needed.

o This means limiting contact and outings. Information on how to quarantine and self-isolate based on medical guidance can be found here: How To Quarantine.

Update on Response Efforts:

The regional VDH office, RCAHD, has begun making vaccines available to the Highlands, namely first responders and other essential frontline employees that fall under 1A and 1B category per the Commonwealth’s Vaccination plan. Information can be found on the Vaccination Plan at:

• RCAHD Vaccine Website: RCAHD Vaccine Website.

• VDH Vaccine Website: VDH Vaccine Website.

Within the Highlands, it is also important to note that our private providers have ramped up their efforts as well with testing and treating those affected by COVID. As of 1/4/2021 LGHA has reopened their ICU to care for both COVID and non-COVID patients. Testing events continue to be held by the RCAHD and our local VDH offices throughout the region. Information on testing events is below.

Pre-registration is NOT required, but testing is first come first served.


Additional Information:

For more information on COVID-19, the following online resources are recommended, CDC website: CDC Website, or the VDH website: VDH Website. For those without internet, VDH has a regional hotline 1-855-949-8378, as well as a state hotline, 1-877-ASK-VDH3.


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