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2019 Gauntlet Entrepreneurs, Prizes Listed

Vinton, VA (May 16, 2019) - It was a very successful evening for the Alleghany Highlands area's various entrepreneurs at the 2019 Gauntlet awards ceremonies.

"Formable Grabber" and owner Nick Morgan won top prize of $21,095.

Here are the other Highlands area participants.

IVO, Ltd, Richard Mansell, wireless electronics, $18,845

Easy Workings, Tom Fu, software (Artificial intelligence), $17,345

Honeycomb Grove, Steve Redden, Meadery & Garden, $14,045

Quest Knight Enterprises, Tim Tingler, Unmanned Systems, $7,845

Vernz Trucking, Laverne Dillard, Long haul trucking, $7345.

Keely Photography, Keely Massie, Marketing, $6,595

Born Again Custom Woodworks, LLC, Wayne Lamb, Natural wood items, $6,399

Celebration Depot, Michele Nicely, Gaming/Retail, $3,895

Coffee Museum, Judith Sivonda, Museum Coffee Shop, $3,800

Sonny Side Cafe, Devin Nicely, Cafe at DSLCC, $2,900

Art Squared, Cheyenne Sweeney, Arts/consignments, $2,420

Olde Town Diner, Todd Dillon/Mark Greer, Restaurant, $1,650

Michel's Pizza/Bath County, Eddie Neutelings, Pizza Restaurant, $1,100

Total = $115,279

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The Gauntlet Awards ceremony (took place Thursday, May 16, 2019 at the Vinton War Memorial). This was the 5th Annual Gauntlet Business Program & Competition (started with 122 entrepreneurs/84 businesses that participated in the 10 weeks of training and then 50 of those businesses went on to participate in the business competition portion)

The following is a list of the Gold Division winners (top 12 winners) with their localities and total value of their cash and in-kind prize packages.

All 50 businesses won prize packages based on their needs for their startups or expansions to further advance their business goals and strategies!!

An Advancement Foundation spokesperson noted, "Congratulations to all 50 participating businesses, and graduates, of the Gauntlet Business Program & Competition!! Thank you to all the 2019 Sponsors, Localities, Partners, Mentors, and Community Leaders that make this program a success!! Special thanks to our lead sponsors WFXR and State Farm for your support and community advocacy!! Lastly, immense gratitude to each participating locality including Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Botetourt County, Alleghany Highlands, and the Town of Vinton!!"

12th Place- Valley Cryotherapy

Roanoke County

TOTAL: $4,575.00

11th Place (tie)- The Foundry

Roanoke City

TOTAL: $9,380.00

11th Place (tie)- The Harvest Collective

Roanoke City

TOTAL: $9,245.00

10th Place- Born Again Custom Woodworks

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $6,399.00

9th Place- Keely Massie Photography

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $6,595.00

8th Place (tie)- Advanced Racking

Botetourt County

TOTAL: $9,745.00

8th Place (tie)- Downshift Outfitters

Roanoke City (expanding into Roanoke County)

TOTAL: $7,245.00

7th Place- Accelerated Academics

Roanoke County

TOTAL: $10,145.00

6th Place- Honeycomb Grove

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $14,045.00

5th Place- Quest Knight Enterprises

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $7,845.00

4th Place- Why Knot Boat With Us

Roanoke County

TOTAL: $11,929.00

3rd Place- Easy Workings

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $17,345.00

2nd Place (tie)- IVO Limited

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $18,845.00

2nd Place (tie)- Roanoke Neuromuscular

Roanoke County

TOTAL: $18,185.00

1st Place- Formable Grabber

Alleghany Highlands

TOTAL: $21,095.00


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