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Pictured Left to Right: Lexington Police Chief, Sam Roman, Becky Tacy (Mayflower Grant), and Dave VanOsten, Lexington Police Foundation Chairman.

The Lexington Police Department Was Awarded A $1,000 Grant From The Lexington Police Foundation For Project Lifesaver

The Lexington Police Foundation recently awarded the Lexington Police Department a $1000 grant for Project Lifesaver. This grant consisted of $640 from the Mayflower Program and $360 from the LPF. The Mayflower grant was made possible by Becky Tacy of American Retirement Homes. This organization has successfully used Project Lifesaver to protect its residents.

Project Lifesaver is the premier search and rescue program operated internationally by public safety agencies, and is strategically designed for “at risk” individuals who are prone to the life threatening behavior of wandering. The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children with the propensity to wander due to a cognitive condition.

The system is designed to alert caregivers when the PLI Data Transmitter worn by their loved one moves outside of the designated safety zone. The data transmitter sends out its individual ID code once approximately every 15 seconds. The perimeter receiver will alarm if more than 20 seconds passes without receiving the ID code. The alarm will alert the caregiver and allow them to take appropriate action, by searching and calling for assistance in a timely manner. Once the person wearing the transmitter returns to the safety zone, the alarm will stop and the unit will reset itself.

When an “at risk” user is outside of their safety zone the Lexington Police Department uses a tracking device to locate them. The department’s equipment has the capability to enter a code for an individual device and track it until the loved one is located. This tracking device shows law enforcement officers the proximity of individual until it reaches them.

The Lexington Police Department currently has 8 residents using the system. They are supporting five Alzheimer’s Patients and three children with Autism. “Project Lifesaver bridges the gap between first responders and their communities. Relationships are formed, and trust is built. We are fortunate that the Lexington Police Foundation supports this initiative and protects at risk individuals in our community” said Corporal Aaron Brittan who coordinates the program.

Project Lifesaver is the most widely used and proven most effective SAR program designed for “at risk” populations. If someone you love is in need of Project Lifesaver technology, please contact the Lexington Police Department.

“We are pleased to assist the Lexington Police Department with grant money to provide caregivers peace of mind knowing their loved ones are protected in the event of elopement. Project Lifesaver reduces the time, funds, and manpower needed for search and rescue missions involving a special needs individual.” said Lori Turner of the Lexington Police Foundation.

The Lexington Police Foundation needs your support to partner with those who keep us safe. You can assist them in achieving their mission by mailing donations to: Lexington Police Foundation, P.O. Box 808, Lexington, Virginia 24450. You may also contribute online at lexingtonpolicefoundation.org.
Pictured Above: Captain Mark Riley of Lexington Police Department holding Project Lifesaver tracking device .


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