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Roebuck to Perform at The Historic Masonic Theatre
Special Guest Will Be Sean K Preston

Clifton Forge, VA (Nov. 7, 2017) - ROEBUCK, the band, returns to John E Hillert Auditorium of The Historic Masonic Theatre on Saturday, November 18, at 7:30 pm

After years of honing his abilities busking in New York City and on the road and two powerful shows in the Masonic Theatre and Amphitheatre, Phillip Roebuck (who was known for his raucous one-man band setup and lightning fast playing) has recently found musical success by teaming up with his wife Phoenix, on upright bass. Wielding a resonator guitar and a two-piece stomp board with Phoenix Roebuck adding backing vocals and low end, Phillip's songwriting truly shines! ROEBUCK's music is full of swamp blues, jump blues, hollers & stomps, shanties, ballads & breakdowns, and of course tearjerkers.

The Washington Post declared of ROEBUCK, “On stage, he is a rollicking storm of punk rock, folk, rock, blues and bluegrass. Phillip Roebuck is known as a one-man band with a banjo in his hands and a drum strapped to his back, but he prefers to identify as a songwriter and plays every show like it's his last. All in all, he's one of a kind”.

Come to find out he was once hired by Spike Lee to perform in a commercial and talk about being a street musician–the spot aired during the 2000 Academy Awards.

Roebuck was influenced by folk (Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, and the music his father was making) as well as punk rock. He was introduced to Punk by his Uncle Kenny, whose band had once opened up for the Ramones.

“Playing on the street has always been a holy thing to me. Those are real musicians. It was never the opposite, like, oh that’s pan-handling–which some people see it that way. It was always, to me, the pinnacle. If you could play in the street, you must be really good.”

The music of special guest Sean K Preston draws heavily on the influences of the classic heartbroken sounds of Country & Western music from the 40’s through the 70’s, the honesty of the Blues by the likes of Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker, the bombast of 50’s Rock’n’Roll, the lyrical sophistication of musical poets like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave, the raw energy of Punk and the spirituality of Mountain Gospel. His own songs range from delicate laments and lullabies to fiery sermons and confessions.

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