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CF Blue Ribbon Recognition Award Restored

Clifton Forge, VA (May 28, 2023) - The Clifton Forge Blue Ribbon Recognition Award celebrates homeowners, renters, and businesses that “enhance quality of place” by enhancing the curb appeal of their residences and businesses. The award was given for several years as a partnership between the Clifton Forge Corridor Curb Appeal Committee and Clifton Forge Town Council.

The Corridor Curb Appeal Committee is restoring the award with the help of the Town of Clifton Forge and the Community Gathering Planning Committee. Corridor Curb Appeal is a committee started in 2013 as part of the initiative of the Alleghany Foundation Vision 2025 program. Corridor Curb Appeal manages the community clean ups twice a year, and has promoted public art projects for the Town. By restoring the Blue Ribbon Recognition Award, the goal is to attract additional businesses and tourists as well as new residents who will acquire and invest in local housing opportunities.

The Community Gathering Planning Committee is managing the applications and presentation of the awards. Awards will be presented at monthly Community Gatherings.

The guidelines to apply for the Clifton Forge Blue Ribbon Recognition Award state:

One, anyone can nominate a resident, renter or business owner by completing the “Blue Ribbon Recognition” application. The application may be obtained at Town Hall or Main Street offices.

Two, before and after photos must be attached to the application form.

Three, for 2023/2024 exterior improvement must have been completed between the following months to be eligible.

June Award: March 2022 and April 2023

July Award: April 2022 and May 2023

August Award: May 2022 and June 2023

September Award: June 2022 and July 2023

October Award: July 2022 and August 2023

November Award: August 2023 and September 2023

Awards will begin again in January 2024

Four, homes and businesses should show significant visual exterior improvement by remodeling, re-roofing, re-siding, painting, landscaping or a combination of all or any of the above.

Five, homes may be rented or owned.

Six, the home or business lawn (if applicable) and exterior should be clean and well maintained.

Seven, all nominations should be turned into the Clifton Forge Main Street office or the Town Manager’s office in Clifton Forge Town Hall a month prior to when the award is presented. Awards will be announced at the monthly Community Gathering and Town Council meetings.

Eight, any number between one and five awards may be presented each month designated above.

Nine, the Community Gathering committee will have responsibility for selecting the winners each month.

10, each winner will receive a $50 gift card from Ace Hardware, Clifton Forge. The winner will receive a recognition sign to be placed in the yard or in the window of businesses.

If you would like to apply for an award, or nominate someone you know for the award, please pick up an application at Clifton Forge Town Hall or Clifton Forge Main Street Office. To learn more about Clifton Forge Community Gatherings, please visit the Facebook page.

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