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Shawn Wright

Wright Honored By VFW Post On Memorial Day

(Editor's note: the following is a news release from VFW Post $1033 in Covington, VA)

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Covington, VA (June 1, 2021) - According to Wikipedia, 17.6% of our active present miliary are women. The highest number of women in the military is in the Air Force and the lowest number belongs to the marines. Whether the women are blackhawk pilots, corpsmen or the commanding officers, male or female, a soldier is called a soldier.

The Curtis A Smith VFW Post 1033, like all VFW Posts, welcomes members who have been a part of the United States conflict on foreign soil or in the foreign waters.

There is at this time only one female member of our local Veterans of Foreign Wars in Covington. She is no stranger to this area. She is a much-loved hospice nurse and a member of the Alleghany Highlands Community Service Board.

Shawn Wright is Adjutant of our local post. Wright served in the United States Navy from 1988-1992. Shawn served as a Hospital Corpsman in the Persian Gulf. She was stationed on the USNS Comfort in the Burn ICU. The Comfort was recently brought in to service as a hospital ship for COVID 19 patients.

Adjutant Wright comes from a long line of military soldiers, as do many of our veterans in the Alleghany Highlands. Her maternal grandfather, Norris Paxton was in the Army during the Korean War. Her paternal grandfather, Lawrence Wright, an Army solider during World War II, fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Shawn's father, Larry Wright, is a Vietnam veteran and a member of Post 1033. Her brother, Kyle Wright, was in the Air Force and was stationed in Afghanistan - an impressive group of men and women serving their country.

Most recently Shawn did a very moving presentation of America's White Table. If you Google Shawn Wright you will be sent to youtube where you can watch this very worthwhile presentation of what it means to be prisoner of war or one who has served and now is missing in action. If you are interested in having Shawn come to an organizational meeting, present the America's White Table, answer questions about women in the military or what the VFW has to offer you, call her at 843-902-2509.

If you are not eligible for the VFW but have a mother, father, sister, brother, grandchild, or spouse who has been involved in a conflict on foreign soil, you can apply for membership in the post auxiliary. The VFW promotes patriotism, builds friendships, gives back to the community and has the common goal of helping our veterans.

Thank you to all those who supported our Memorial Day remembrance.

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