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DSLCC Graduate Pursuing 4-Year Degree Online

DSLCC Scholarship Recipient Pursuing 4-Year Degree through Online Courses

Clifton Forge, VA (May 14, 2020) - Alexis Ballard had no intention of staying home after she graduated from Covington High School in 2016. She had always thought about attending Radford University, which has a well-known program in occupational therapy.

But after reviewing finances, she found she could attend Dabney S. Lancaster Community College for a fraction of the cost. “I changed my mind really quickly,” says the 21-year-old Covington native.

While she attended DSLCC, she was one of the recipients of DSLCC’s Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship, the Jackson River Community Credit Union Scholarship, the Raymond and Richard Claterbaugh Scholarship in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Claterbaugh, Sr., and a member of the Dabney Promise Program, which enabled her to attend DSLCC without taking out any loans. She graduated in 2018 with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies and, best of all, no college debt.

“At first I didn’t think Dabney was going to be the place for me,” she says. “But I really enjoyed all of my courses at Dabney, and the professors were so approachable. Sometimes you don’t even have to schedule an appointment, you can ask to speak to your professor after class if you have a question.”

“I thought it would be hard to make friends at Dabney, but it was just the opposite,” she says. “I met my best friend there.”

After earning her 2-year-degree, she attended James Madison University for a semester to study political science, but changed her major to history, with the intention of earning a teaching certificate.

“Dabney had prepared me academically for JMU,” she says, but she soon realized she wasn’t suited for a big university setting with huge classes, and came home. “It just wasn’t for me.”

She is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in sociology through Mary Baldwin College. All of her courses are online, and considering the pandemic, her academic schedule hasn’t changed at all.

“I know a lot of people have trouble paying attention, not being in a classroom, but I’ve found that I can focus on my school work,” says Ballard. “I can take three quizzes in a row or turn in two essays ahead of time. It’s really convenient for me, too, especially since I’m working.”

Ballard is employed part-time with the Alleghany Highlands Victim / Witness Assistance Program that serves Alleghany, Bath and Highland counties. She is still in training and her job is mostly administrative, but she feels like this is the type of work she could make into a career. It can be stressful, she says, but very rewarding to help victims of a crime. Her parents, Kevin and Deanna Hall, are very supportive of her academic and career goals.

She hopes to finish her degree with Mary Baldwin in the next couple of years, if not sooner. “School work is a priority for me,” she adds.

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