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"Church Basement Ladies: Rise Up O Men" at The Historic Masonic Theatre.

Church Basement Ladies: rise Up O Men at The Historic Masonic Theatre

(Editor's note: this performance has been postponed. The Journal will update readers when it is rescheduled!)

Clifton Forge, VA (March 5, 2019) - Church Basement Ladies: Rise Up O Men will be performed at The Historic Masonic Theatre on Sunday, March 10 at 2:00 pm in the John E. Hillert Auditorium.
Tickets: Adult: $37; Senior (55+): $35; Box Seats: $50; Groups of 8 or more save 10%

Men in the Parish Basement? What’s a Church Lady to do?

Find out when the talented touring company of actors stops in Clifton Forge for an afternoon of theatrical high-jinx. “Rise Up O Men” gives the gents a chance to shine in the latest installment of the Church Basement Ladies musical comedy series.

This sidesplitting, uplifting peek into the lives of the rural Norwegian Lutherans who audiences first fell in love with in 2005 is the sixth chapter of the story begun in the original Church Basement Ladies. Rise Up O Men features familiar faces: Mrs. Mavis Gilmerson, Mrs. Vivian Snustad, and Mrs. Karin Engleson who would never leave the basement kitchen unattended, of course (who would make bars for the youth group meeting?). But as they busy themselves with preparations for their church's participation in the town’s 1964 Centennial Celebration, we get to see their coming and goings from the eyes of the menfolk, who have their own problems to solve. Karin’s husband Elroy, farmer Carl and Great War vet Arlo are joined in brotherhood by series staple Pastor E.L. Gunderson. Their camaraderie unites them as they deal with furnace salesmen, looming retirement, rival Protestant denominations, the Pastor’s bad jokes, and Arlene’s even-worse cooking. 

Originally produced by Troupe America Inc, the original musical comedy, “The Church Basement Ladies”, opened at the Plymouth Playhouse in Minneapolis September 2005 to a response so enthusiastic that its initial run lasted two-and-a-half years. Five sequels have expanded the universe of these familiar and beloved comedies, affectionately known as the “Steel Magnolias of the Prairie,” making The Church Basement Ladies the most successful show in Troupe America’s 30-year history. Millions of Americans have discovered a heartfelt connection to the deeply funny church matriarch characters through regional and national touring productions.

For tickets, please visit www.historicmasonictheatre.com or call the Theatre Box Office at 540 862 5655. For more information about the events at The Historic Masonic Theatre, please visit the Theatre website or Face Book page.

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