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Salute to Glen Campbell Plays at The Historic Masonic Theatre

Clifton Forge, VA (Sept. 10, 2018) - On Friday, September 28 at 7:30 p.m., Jeff Dayton will perform a Salute to his friend, Glen Campell in the John E. Hillert Auditorium of The Historic Masonic Theatre.

Jeff’s 15 years as bandleader and guitarist with Glen Campbell were filled with shows, adventures and stories as they traveled and recorded together. Glen remains one of America’s best-loved and most-respected country/pop artists of all time, and it’s only natural that since his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and his recent passing, there would be a renewed demand for his music to be heard. Jeff has been answering that call with Salute to Glen Campbell, on tour now.

The show is filled with Glen’s hits, led by his former right-hand man. Dayton occasionally calls on fellow alumni from the tours and together they share the joys and fun, the stories behind the songs and an intimate reflection on the pain of losing an artist who was a great friend to us all.

From the White House to the Grand Ole Opry, Jeff has been playing guitar and performing all his life. He’s a Nashville producer and writer and loves the concentrated creative scene in Music City. His hometown roots in Minnesota and years in Arizona earned him the job of bandleader with Hall of Fame artist Glen Campbell for 15 years. He also found time to land his music degree, regional #1 hit records and the honor of backing artists including Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Buck Owens, Tracy Byrd, Bo Diddley, Dizzy Gillespie, Gene Autry, Mac Davis and many more. Once arriving in Nashville, Jeff focused on writing and producing, but because of his reputation and guitar skills, was soon touring with megastar Kenny Chesney, Lee Greenwood, Sarah Darling, Tammy Cochran and others.

Jeff’s first guitar was at age 9 and he immediately formed his first band, The Emperors. From there, it was local clubs and concerts, paying his dues and working with musicians who became sidemen for Prince and Bob Dylan. He moved to Arizona, got his first Nashville song contracts and put together one of the most popular and acclaimed bands in the Phoenix music scene over his 20 years there. One fateful chance encounter with Glen Campbell led to his longtime tenure on that tour and set the stage for his move to Nashville in 2000.

Today, Jeff is an active Nashville music producer, songwriter, session guitarist, recording artist and educator and tours as a dynamic bandleader and solo artist. His show “Salute To Glen Campbell” is appearing nationally.

Salute to Glen Campbell with Jeff Dayton, Friday, September 28, 2018 at 7:30 pm, in the John E. Hillert Auditorium, tickets: $22/20/18. Tickets may be purchased by calling the Theatre Box Office at 540 862 5655 or online at www.historicmasonictheatre.com. Visit the Theatre website and Facebook page to see the variety of events listed for the 2018/2019 Theatre Season.

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